How Do You Know He’s a Scam Artist

It’s fiction, folks.

I can’t believe I saw another message from a scam artist. To give you an example of what the con man would say, I have copied a message I received from SinglesNet this morning. This is so typical and follows the script so perfectly, I just had to share. I’ll go step by step, paragraph by paragraph and explain what he is really saying.


Firstly, a brief introduction of me, My name is Daniel Kahn a Caucasian. I am originally from Germany. I’m Self Employed. I am into Building Engineering and Constructions. I have a good sense of humor. I live in St. Paul, MN, 6″2′. I have a strong heart, loving, caring, honest, compassionate, affectionate, I also believe in God. I like swimming, reading & writing, tennis, Football, Basketball, Baseball, golf etc.

First of all, he’s from Germany. That will explain his thick accent if he ever talks to you on the phone. Second, he’s “into Building Engineering and Contructions.” He doesn’t say he’s an engineer, but this will give him a reason to get a contract to Africa or Asia.  Third, he  believes in God, etc. That’s what he thinks you want to hear. Also, when he’s sent to Africa or Asia, he’ll tell you it’s the Christian thing to do when he loses his money and needs your help.

I viewed your profile, I developed an interest and wanted you to know I am interested in you. We can overcome the great distance between us, as distance should and does not come between two loving hearts but it does make it inconvenient. Have been on this for less than three weeks now and I’m in search of my soul mate, a lover, a friend, wife and life companion.

He lives in St. Paul. So you can’t meet him in person, but he’s in search of his “soul mate” and “lover” and “wife” all by long distance. Right.

I have been widowed for over 5 years now. Like I said in my profile I lost my only son in a vital automobile accident. I lost their mother some years after her son’s death. She suffered from breast cancer for some years and she later lost the battle. I have a daughter who is just 16, she has been staying with her aunt since the whole story started. She was taken so that she would have someone to care for her. I have been single and never dated anyone after the sudden and devastating death of my wife, Who was a wonderful and caring wife and mother.

No family, a widower, lost one son and has a teenage daughter.  He’s “looking for a mother for his teenage daughter.” That’s so you’ll feel sorry for him. See if you are the nurturing type who will want the best of his daugher after the “devastating death” of his wife. It’s a hook that’s used in every scam artist’s script. They are always a widower, and always have a teenage son or daughter.

When I read through your profile I was really amazed and motivated to send you a message and show my interest. I would want us to continue this conversation further with my private email address: so that I can send you some more details about me and my picture.I am deleting my profile here because i am not used to it so i just decided to send you this and we will communicate through my email.
Have a Nice day.

They are always “amazed and motivated” by your profile. Why? Because you are older and you seem to have money. They won’t put details in an email through the single’s site, because they know they could get caught. They want you to go through their “private” email. I don’t know what “” is, but I suspect it’s for scam artists. And Daniel isn’t his real name and if he sends you a photo, it isn’t of him.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this same email with very small variations in online singles dating services. I immediately report them. It’s not just one dating services. They get in all of them. So beware, if you’re on any of these sites:, singlesnet, SeniorPeopleMeet. These are the ones I’ve been on and I’ve “met” three and seen many more messages that say the same. Don’t be scammed, ladies. They are a cruel joke and they’re only out to take your money.

It’s all fiction, everything they say. I couldn’t have thought up a better lie.




About Laura

I am the author of the Niki Alexander mysteries: Less Dead, Lost Witness, and A Matter of Revenge. A standalone, The Flawed Dance, is set in the late sixties about a young woman fleeing from her past and survives as a go-go dancer in a demimonde world of gangsters, thugs, and beautiful people. In the first Lillian Wallace novel, The Past Never Dies, big money, greed and betrayal can ruin an oil and gas venture, but can Lillian Wallace prevent a murderer from going free to kill again?
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