What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Writing The Flawed Dance, delving into free love with the idea of open minds, the experimentation of thoughts and ideas during those years, made me reminisce with little regret.   I have been divorced for over fifteen years and rarely dated during that time. The only semi-serious relationship I had lasted several years. During that time he expanded my mind. A brilliant writer, a political activist, passionate in his beliefs and ideals, he was and still is a good friend. But alas, he moved out of the country, became an expatriate and married. It was only right. He is too good and too talented to remain here to struggle against small minds. He belongs in Europe, where he can finally create greatness.

After he left, I went back to writing and concentrated on finishing two books. For a while, writing was enough. But composing The Flawed Dance made me yearn for something more in my life. But where does a woman in her sixties meet a man? She does what some other women do, she turns to online dating services.

Okay, you’re wondering if I’m going reveal my personal love life. Well, in a sense I am to a small extent, but only for the purpose of cautioning other women to beware of the unseen predators who lurk in the netherworld of social media. There is a certain type of predator out there who prey on older women and are so convincing, so unscrupulous and evil, that they have no conscience about seducing through words to steal your heart and your bank account. I am admitting to have been naive, emotionally needy and very stupid, to put it bluntly. I was even forewarned, as you will see. But by then I was completely hooked.

My story began innocently when I filled out an application for eHarmony and was turned down. Meaning, I was told that I was not compatible with anyone. That shouldn’t surprise me. I’ve been through six marriages and ran away from all of them. Not compatible. I didn’t try again for months. Then I got on Match.com and met my “soul mate.”

Turn in next time for the next installment.


About Laura

I am the author of the Niki Alexander mysteries: Less Dead, Lost Witness, and A Matter of Revenge. A standalone, The Flawed Dance, is set in the late sixties about a young woman fleeing from her past and survives as a go-go dancer in a demimonde world of gangsters, thugs, and beautiful people. In the first Lillian Wallace novel, The Past Never Dies, big money, greed and betrayal can ruin an oil and gas venture, but can Lillian Wallace prevent a murderer from going free to kill again?
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